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Washington Friends of Farms & Forests

                  We Help Washington Grow

Public Policy

We represent your interests to our state’s legislators and policymakers.

Our large, diverse membership gives us a unified voice and a better opportunity to share our message with our State’s legislature, regulatory agencies, the media and the public: Pesticides, when used responsibly and according to label instructions, are beneficial and safe.

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Science and Regulation

We keep up on the science and regulations letting you focus on your business.

Pesticide and fertilizer use can be affected by many things – lawsuits under the Endangered Species Act or the Clean Water Act; changes in regulations at the state departments of Agriculture, Ecology and Labor & Industries; bills passed by the Washington State Legislature.

Your business may also be affected by regulations governing transportation, labor, taxes and more. We monitor all of these and keep you up-to-date on what you need to know.

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We monitor the media for stories that may affect public perception of your business.

You’ll have a heads-up on important breaking news through our member communications system.

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