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Washington Friends of Farms & Forests

                  We Help Washington Grow

Arbor Day 2016 Arbor Day 2016 Pink Blossoms by Randal Day Taken at fruit tree farm; Clark County, WA. 201529522 Wind Break by Allen Boston The photo was taken from Rt. 12 in Walla Walla County, near the town of Wallula, WA. The wall of Poplar trees protect the orchard from the prevailing winds that sweep through the Wallula Gap of the Columbia River. 201529523 Royal Ann by Ann O'Niell Royal Ann Cherry, Cottage Gardens, Graham, WA 201529524 Gala Apple Bloom by Craig O'Brien Apple bloom in Prosser, WA. 201529525 Budding Cone by Randal Day Budding spring cones taken at Christmas tree farm. Clark County, WA. 201529526 Budding Rose by Randal Day Taken at local nursery to show the emergence of spring buds; Clark County, WA. 201529527 Forgotten Orchard by Randal Day Apple orchard that remained only partially harvested- 1/2 of the orchard went to waste. Chelan County. 201529528 Stately Douglas-fir by Steve Webster Tall, smooth, straight trees such as these bring premium log prices for the owners. Lewis County. 201529537 CTL Thinning by Steve Webster CTL (Cut-To-Length) technology has revolutionized the management practice of forest tree thinning during the life cycle of a tree stand. In this photo the CTL machine has severed the tree from the stump, removed the branches, and is preparing to cut the bole into log segments. 201529529 Dangle Head by Steve Webster Lewis County. This state of the art piece of equipment will be found on the log ?landing? and is used to remove limbs, take measurements of the tree bole, and cut the bole into log segments. 201529530 Log Loading by Steve Webster Hugely important to the economy of Washington are the commercial enterprises of ?logging? trees and trucking logs to markets. Lewis County 201529533 Logs to Market by Steve Webster Lewis County. Douglas-fir logs on their way to market. 201529535 Home Construction by Steve Webster Lewis County. Washington?s trees are the source of most of the wood products needed for the robust commercial home construction enterprises. 201529531 Willamette Valley Ponderosa Pine by Steve Webster Lewis County. Willamette Valley Ponderosa Pine is being planted on niche sites promising a new commercial wood product for Washington. 201529534 Hybrid Cottonwood by Steve Webster Lewis County. Hybrid cottonwood have begun to open the door for commercial production of new forest products 201529532 Tree Hugger by Chris Aldrich Parker Aldrich,age 10, 3rd generation Christmas tree farmer, showing his appreciation for northwest plantation grown Christmas trees grown in Lewis County. 201529536